i love sundays like today.

in the morning we went into the church. there was a worship which was dedicated to the deceased. i had to think especially of the two youth who died some weeks ago because of a car accident. 

later on my dad drove with my sisters and me to  a chapel that is dedicated to people who died by the big accident in Kaprun in 2000. it made me sad to see that lots of people had to die in particular the children.

in this gallery the accident happened. now it’s closed.

a very modern chapel

after that we had lunch at the „Dorfkrug“ in Kaprun. the meal was really good! i ate a salad with melted Camembert and garlic toast. yummy!!

i was sooooo hungry ;-)

on the way home we stopped at the new „Tauern Spa“

yes that’s a swimming pool. it’s really cool!

later I’m going to go jogging with E but my stamina is so bad. i hope  i won’t collapse :D

XX Lou


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