gettin‘ over

some days I can’t stand the pain and it overcomes me like a cold shower does. it hurts way more than it did the weeks after I’d made my decision and told you. but I had my chances, not only one, to get you back. I just left you behind with your pain. and now I’ve to put up with this pain that you stand months ago. now it’s there and now I miss you and the long time we’d spend together. I thought I was over you but I wasn’t. I think you are now. Yeah surely.

But not me, so I’ve to stand stand this pain now. I must I must I must. It was my own fault. I had chances to make good for it, but I didn’t. You suffered, I’m suffering. That’s life little L and you have to put up with it and just live it !!

How can I? Every time I hear this one song I could start crying. Please tell me, how you managed getting over me because I really wonder how you made it.


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