nails+color=colored nails

I love nail polish. It can make an outfit look perfect. It can show creativity, lust of life, energy but also sadness, fear and shyness. It’s so multifarious. Nails are just a small part of your body, but a very important one, at least for women (;

Here is my little range of nail polishes:

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* matte top coat by ISADORA No. 605 (was a present)

* lotus effect nail polish by MANHATTEN (3-4€)

* quick dry nail polish by MANHATTEN (2-3€)

* nail sealer by LCN (ca.9€)

* nail polish by LCN No. 127 (ca.9€)

*nail polish by LCN No. NL8 (ca.9€)

*nail polish by BASIC No. 02 (ca.2€)

*nail polish by BASIC No. 11 (ca.2€)

*nail polish by BASIC No. 12 (ca.2€)

*quick dry nail polish by S-HE No. 10 (1-2€)

*quick dry nail polish by S-HE No. 384 (2-3€)

*quick dry nail polish by S-HE No. 393 (2-3€)

*quick dry nail polish by S-HE No. 1 (1-2€)

*quick dry nail polish by S-HE No. 11 (1-2€)

* nail polish by CLAIRE’S Col. mean green (2-3$)

*nail polish by CLAIRE’S Col. clean slate (2-3$)

*nail polish by CLAIRE’S Col. red carpet (2-3$)

*nail polish by HN HOLLYWOOD NAILS No. 635 (was a present)

*nail polish by HN HOLLYWOOD NAILS No. 632 (was a present)

*nail polish by H&M Col. bella’s choice (was a present)

*sparkle&fade nail polish by URBAN OUTFITTERS No. 329 (was a present)

*new jet set vernis ultra rapide by LORÉAL PARIS No. 503 (was a present)

*nailcare french manicure by iQ COSMETICS No. 7281 (2-3€)



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