Alice im Wunderland

eine neue Variante von Alice im Wunderland (bloß ohne Wunderland):

Alice was a tiny, little girl that biggest wish was to be as tall as the palms in Malibu Beach. One day a famous magician arrived in the small village where Alice worked as a diner girl (inspired of the movie „Cinderella Story“). The magician called Estherus (inspired of Esther) went in the diner to have a coffee -black, no milk (inspired of James Bond). When he saw Alice he screamed: „You have to grow. You are tiny!“ „Yes please. As tall as a palm please!“, Alice answered. Her wish came true but Alice recognized fast that tallness is the worst thing in the world. So she begged Estherus to get smaller again and if he does he wouldn’t have to pay for his coffee. He thought that was a good idea and both were happy until their life’s end. (:

(Rechtschreibfehler und Wort-nicht-existenz vorbehalten)

Entstanden beim Lernen, wegen absoluter Lernverweigerung ;D

XX loucy


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