übers verlieben ♥

[Henrik Ibsen]

<< Man hat doch nicht in seiner Macht, in wen man sich verliebt. >>

i have to think the whole time ‚bout you. i cannot stop. you are there every day, every minute. i hate it but i love the same time. because you are so wonderful – gosh i do not know you. i’ve spoken around 30 words with you, why ? the hell, why ? my brain is so horrible, i hate it, it does what it wants to do. it is cruel to me. ok, it’s intelligent, but really not in ways of love.

but which heart does perfect in ways of love ? i think, not any ! which heart says in the right moments, „fall in love!“, none. it falls in love when it wants and if it wants. which heart tells you and your brain to forget this silly cow, none. it loves him more than all others. which heart plays with you? none, all are against you…


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