birthday is coming ;DD

hej people ,

i'm looking forward to my birthday in 1 1/2 weeks (:

okay i know i won’t get very much from my parents, but that doesn’t matter, because there are my grandparents, my great grandma and all my friends.

in addition i will celebrate with my friends and also family so it’s going to be a lot of fun.

ok, here are my birthday wishes:

  • grandparents: grey converse, a summer dress
  • great grandma: ray ban wayfarer -> here
  • parents: surprise ;D
  • friends: first i’ve to say that those are just wishes, but i would be happy if they fulfill (:
  • „sommer“-DVD, „LOL“-DVD, a nice medallion or some other beautiful jewelry, a bag from H&M which knows my best friends ;) ( but i think of buying by myself ^^) or from topshop, a „marionnaud“-gift coupon, but i think a good idea would surprise more ;) i’ve to add sth: season 1 „one tree hill“ (:

i’ve to go to lunch ,

by all

xoxo loucy


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